Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Shoeself!

Well, i just want to share a video i found on Youtube a few months ago.
It's freaking good, especially for the girls. 

Shoes, shoes, shoes... who didn't love shoes? We all do!

FYI ; There's a LOT type of shoes for girls!  
Sport shoes, Wedges, Stilettos, Boots, Flats, Pumps, Heels, Gladiator Sandals, Ballet Flats, Keds,
Saddle Shoes, Mary Janes, T-straps, Ankle-Strap, Platforms, Clogs, ETC!


Can't recall all the shoes one by one, sigh...

But mostly i love heels a lot, it makes your legs looks longer and skinnier. Pffttt.

It's makes me so taller. *ups

Back to the topic, Heels looks good on your feet but yes it's killing you... slowly but sure. HA!

Well, i just can use it for 5/6hours maximum? Well, fashion hurt :)

Let me show you one video that can make your jaw drop girls! Happy watching!

And this is their behind of the scene! They have a real dedication for this and put a lot of efforts! So please support, watch and share this with your friends!! (girls or even boy!)

And didn't you just loveeeee the soundtracks of the "BE YOUR SHOESELF" video?
The soundtracks is major loveeee!

Have a great day everyone! Hope you like this quick post :)

Monique ; " F L A V O R S "

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