Thursday, July 25, 2013

Floral on My Pastel

Hello, everybody. I'm back again. Hehe *such a lazy blogger* LOL jk.
Oh, I have a chance to take a photo shoot with Gilbert. And my sister, Cecilia for the make up artist. The wardrobe by me. This photo shoot called "Calantha", why? Because, all things I've wear is all about flowers because Calantha ( French ) the meaning of beautiful flowers. Thanks to my sister to give such beautiful idea for photo shoot theme. Love ya to the moon and back!

So, take a look.

Oh, In this first picture I have a super brilliant idea. LOL I've edited my photo for welcoming July and share it on Instagram. Yeah, #HappyJully .

Here's the detail :
Inner : Forever21 , T-shirt : Yuan Boutique , Skirt : Bangkok Stuff

Friday, July 19, 2013

sketchbyanisab 1

Hi, pals! It's saturday. oh YES WEEKEND! Free time. Yuhuu ~
Today I wanna show you something amazing from someone's hand. Just called her, Anisa.
So, check it out ....

She's really good at drawing or sketching of face . Right?

Let's compare! Which one you choose? The real one or the sketch? LOL . I think the sketch is more beautiful than the real one. Agree? :p

Contact me :

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Hello again! 

Here's the detail :
Bag : Gaudi / Shorts : Zara / Heels : Charles & Keith / Top : Melt Boutique

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Classic Monochrome

Hi, my amazing readers! I'm back. Yeah, Monica is back :p
Long time no post about my fashion look. Anyone miss me? Ha? HA?! LOL *ups.
So, this is would be my quick post (again) LOL
I'm sorry if I'm disappeared for long time, yeah I'm busy with my school and you know what? I'm just graduated from High School! *YEAH FINALLY*and I'm going to college. HE HE. I hope I can enjoyed it :3
I will miss the moment in High School so much *of course* :( 
I miss you, guys! ^--^

Now, Check it out.....

Here the details :
Hats : Gaudi Store , Dress : Melt Boutique , Bracelet : Forever21 , Heels : Charles & Keith

Friday, September 7, 2012

Till We Meet Again - Through The Years

Hello petite, I'm sorry for the lack of posts these few days. I have been busy with tuitions all over the place. I am also sad by the fact that my close friends are going overseas to study which means, I won't see them anymore for a long time. I was kinda devastated too due to some reasons which I will share later on.

Anyways, I'll see you soon my friends :)

TAA-DAAAA!! This is the ten girls who haven't found their love stories. ehek! ♥. We meet again in "Party".

Here is a small preview of my stuffs.

For the last, here is a lyric video to Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time. It is currently my favorite song. Let's Watch! 

Until then, I hope all of you will be patient. Don't worry, I'll reply all your comments little by little whenever I'm online :)

F L A V O R S 
Happy Weekend, Darling!