Thursday, July 25, 2013

Floral on My Pastel

Hello, everybody. I'm back again. Hehe *such a lazy blogger* LOL jk.
Oh, I have a chance to take a photo shoot with Gilbert. And my sister, Cecilia for the make up artist. The wardrobe by me. This photo shoot called "Calantha", why? Because, all things I've wear is all about flowers because Calantha ( French ) the meaning of beautiful flowers. Thanks to my sister to give such beautiful idea for photo shoot theme. Love ya to the moon and back!

So, take a look.

Oh, In this first picture I have a super brilliant idea. LOL I've edited my photo for welcoming July and share it on Instagram. Yeah, #HappyJully .

Here's the detail :
Inner : Forever21 , T-shirt : Yuan Boutique , Skirt : Bangkok Stuff

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  1. Nice post! You have a lovely blog!
    just followed your blog<3

    Keep in touch yeah?!


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