Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't Stop Can't Stop

o hell-o :D i'm Senior High School !
anyway, i'm counting my birthday from one. it was 01 January ! yeahhh Happy New year's day :) and my mom bought me ZARA leather vest really love it! thankyou mmom really love you! and i don't know about my daddy. Hope so he bought me DSLR or ipad or i-touch ? hehehe just a wishes.

okay let's see just wanna share my picture. and anyway so sorry for my bad english,i'm just trying. 

hey ! i love this bow anyway, big and cute one!

converse or heels ? but i love the heels one,my favo heels :)

last dont know why but this is my favorite picts !

heels - bought from malaysia
shoes - converse
lose shirt - samuel & kevin
lace legging - unbranded
shawl - unbranded
accesories - forever 21

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than, mind to follow my blog ? :D

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