Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crazy on Me

before that i wanna say all of you a " GOODLUCK for EXAM " hehe .. this December, i do the exam and you do too??
maybe this December, my post will not too much. ya because of that! but if the exam is DONE! *yeay* i will blogging again . hehehe .. wait me ya! LOL

the first post on MY DECEMBER is about "crazyonme", in here i really looks crazy teen or silly teen?? LMAO! *definitely yes*, but i'm not an ALAY teen! hoho. labile is yes.
let's watch! hehe ..

LOOK! what happen with my lips? like a duck? or Platypus? LOL

too much accesories yep? hehe want one?

How? looks silly? crazy? or CUTE? LOL .. *answer it in comment*
Here the Details : tanktop - unbranded, bow - unbranded, rings - forever21, bangles - singapore and yogya stuff.
twitter  : @monicaaakim ^^ 

xoxo, Monique

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  1. Wooooo. Ternyata blogger toh si momo xD
    Emmm. You're cute :D ;)


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