Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yellow Zebra

hello readers ! long time no blogging about my fashion hehehe. but now i will post this.

"Yellow Zebra" i dunno but this words came into my brain then i used it for this post hahaha. This photos are taken by my friend, his name is Dwiputra he studying about photography well i love his shoot. and my partner is Cynthia. she's one of my bestfriends and also my partner in crime LMAO.

Well, on this 14th-19th Jan i will having a flight to Bali ihiyyy. HELOOOOO BALIIIIII! Honestly, i will go for vacation and my sister's wedding. This month gonna be the most enjoyable month ever! why? cause i'll go to Bali for Vacation ans Sis's wedding and i'm going to have my composite soon, it's about composite for Modelling hahaha and on 28th-30th Jan i'm going to Singapore for "Super Show 3 Singapore" with my Mom and Cynthia too. Super Show 3 is a concert of SuperJunior. Do you know them? hahaha they're a korean boyband that their popularity is same as international i'm one of the fans too. Big fans of it LOL. 

ALERT !! Some of our "Labilness" LMAO, we are too Alay and too Labiy isnt it? hahahha LMFAO!

hahahha well, we are so ALAY and LABIL right? hahahaha see you next post with my new pose of Alayness LOL. Goodbye! :)

outfits: yuan zebra top - unbranded short jeans - unbranded yellow stocking - pull and bear boots - cotton on glasses

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