Thursday, August 25, 2011

Firstly, Introduction

This is My Introduce :

I've got people asking, WHO THE HELL IS MONICA?
Let me answer that goddamn question now.

The name is Monica. You can call me Momo. I am Chinese born in Indonesia.
I am sixteen, straight, single, and Catholic. I'm wondering if aliens really exist.
I was born on January 01 1995, and that makes me a Capricorn.
I go to SMA Citra Kasih and i am now officially an eleventh grader.

I am an amateur tennis player, a part time pathetic writer, a full time daughter, a freelance photographer, and maybe sometimes I'm to be a Model.
In the future, I still confused what will I be. I'm interested to be fashion editor in magazine.
I am a wordsmith. I am a thinker. And my motto is, if i want it, i will get it.
I am a day-dreamer. I am always drunk. I love my apple cheeks.

Sometimes I can be a super lazy girl, but when I'm in my ambitious mood, I will be so dilligent, hardworking, and perfectionist. I always want to get what I want and I always try to do my best. And sometimes I'm shy when I meet new people around me. 

I speak Indonesian, English, Chinese (little bit). I'd like to learn german and french.
I would really love to visit united kingdom and Czech republic.

I am interested in Fashion, sports, arts, music, apple's gadgets, photography & lomography.
I scream, i cry, i laugh, i smile. Well, basically i do things normal people do, the difference is, i do it my way.
I really love blogging, many blogs inspire me and I get lots of new friends :) I'll try my best to answer each question.
thankyou very much! 

smooch *Monique

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